Site Management / Hosting


Site Management
Site Management services include updates and working closely with your organization to assure that your site stays dynamic and current. Update requests delivered via email will be accomplished in less than 24 hours of receipt. In most cases we can have your site modifications (text) complete within a couple hours. We like to operate with the same efficiency as if we were another member of your staff and located next door.

Site Hosting
We offer full site hosting services. Whether you are a small company or large we can support your needs.

Our standard package includes up to 30 megs of web space. 10 aliased email addresses, auto responders, custom CGI capabilities, plus more. This is all running on Silicon Graphics workstations with fiber optic lines connected to (3) T-3 internet connections. Translation; fast access and a happy viewing audience.

Standard package (Corporate) pricing is $99.95 per month and $150 initial set-up which includes 2 year domain name registration with the InterNIC organization.

Check here for details on the various plans


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