Compare Web Design Choices

Creating a website requires an understanding of many aspects beyond just the “look” of the site.

  • Creativity / Design – Will your site be unique or share a template others may also have access to WP / WYSIWYG ? We’d suggest you review other websites so you can understand what is possible, but in the end, have a site designed specifically for your needs and requirements.
  • Data – Data is how we store and retrieve information to bind the functionality to the visual display. Will you need a database and linked content and interactivity? Storing your data in a database allows so many possibilities. Most sites can benefit from database integration both to store data as well as interact and present data within your site.
  • Functionality – How will your site achieve your goals? What will your site actually do and will it be innovative over your Competition? Will there be frequent updates? Will the updates be Articles/Blog posts?
  • Goals – These need to be well defined at the start of your project so we know where we need to focus and what we need to do to achieve your goals.

These are but a few of the things we need determine when deciding what technology to chose for your site.

Website Type Flexibility Security Database Portability Growth Styling
Custom Website
Custom WordPress Website
Simple WordPress Website

Custom Website

Custom sites provide the greatest flexibility and opportunity for success. They allow us to Design, Code and Deploy the assets that are specifically needed for your site. More Custom Website Information

Custom WordPress Website

A Custom WordPress site takes advantage of the WordPress Core that makes publishing Blog posts and Articles very simple. It’s Custom because we create additional Theme and Functionality on top of the WordPress Core. It’s important to know IF WordPress is right for your site. Generally, if you are going to publish a lot of pages of textual content, WordPress should be considered.

The downside is if you also need to have unique and custom functionality. Creating custom Plugins adds time over writing custom code since we need to wrap the code in WordPress Plugin architecture. This adds time over when we code the same, directly into a Custom Website. More Custom WordPress Information

Simple WordPress Website

WordPress originated as a Blogging Platform and and now has a ~25% market share of existing websites. Does this mean you should follow the crowd and go for a simple WordPress Website? Definitely not. There are many reasons not to get caught up in a simple WordPress Website. More Simple WordPress Website information

WYSIWYG Websites (Wix, SquareSpace, etc)

These are similar to Simple WordPress Websites as they offer attractive themes but also limit expandability, portability and increase security concerns while greatly limiting customization. More information on WYSIWYG Websites

Links to website types: Custom WebsiteWordPress, Custom WordPress, WYSIWYG

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