SEO Checklist

These are the basics we need to cover when doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization). There are many aspects of SEO that need to be addressed but it’s best to start with the basics.


SEO Philosophy should be based on experience and observation of what Search Engines are using to provide ranking in the coveted first page SERPs (Serch Engine Result Pages). Back-links are regarded by many to be the main aspect of getting solid SERPs. My opinion is simply to have good quality content. The reason behind this philosophy is based on understanding what search engines are, and why they do what they do. Search Engines are in business to sell Advertising. They need Customers to use their services so they can maximize their advertising sales. This means that they are only as good as the SERPs they provide. These need to be concise, accurate and the best material available. So IF you understand this, and create content for your website that is also of the highest quality, a Search Engine should, logically, want to put your Content at the top of the list. And this will also have people link to your content which will increase your quality back-links.


Trends in SEO generally follow the market and technological changes and advancements. For instance, Desktop Computers used to be the predominant resource used for browsing the web. But currently, Mobile Phones are the predominant device used for web surfing.

How does this affect your approach to SEO?
Mobile First! Make sure your site works as it should for Mobile Devices because they are the predominant device (currently) and search engines take this into account.

Some areas your website must accommodate:

  1. Responsive – Mobile-first design. Make sure your site looks good and is readable on mobile devices.
  2. Proper text size, a reasonable distance between links and efficient images.
  3. Make sure your content is efficient by not using over-sized images and consider formats such as WebP

Security is another area search engines expect you to have in place. No one wants to present a link that takes someone to a page where they get infected with a virus or malware. If using a CMS make sure you have a secure password to prevent website hijacking. Be sure to have https / a secure certificate as this is essential.

Efficiency is starting to gain traction in the SEO circles of discussion. Efficiency is translated into Performance and search engines prefer sites that are efficient. For instance, there are modern file formats that can reduce the size of an image dramatically. WebP for instance, produced images that look beautiful and yet lack the visible artifacts that Jpegs produce. Not all browsers support WebP but we should expect that to change over time. We have this page set up to show how Webp images compare to other common web image formats.

Initial Steps
  1. Determine who or what you want to promote or sell
  2. Select Keywords expecting to bring in new customers or clients
  3. Review your position in the SERPs and see what sites (Competitors) are ranked before you.
  4. Review your competitors and determine what Keywords they are using to achieve a higher ranking.
  5. Create or update your content so you have greater keyword frequency without being too “spammy”. Also, remember QUALITY content will be rewarded with Back-links to your site.

There are many tools available to help with your SEO. SEM Rush, Ahrefs Ubersuggest and Link Assistant are some of the popular options available. Costs range depending on which plan you choose. Additionally, there are free tools that can be useful.

Googles Keyword Planner does not cost anything to use though you do need an Adwords Account (free). It’s useful in seeing what Keywords are expected to bring Views.
A good old Spreadsheet program like MS Excel or Apple Numbers if also useful in tracking your keywords and progress.

Of course, we are here to help as well and look forward to your contacting us about SEO Ranking and online marketing.

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