Custom Website Information

Custom Websites are created to serve the Customers unique and specific requirements. They are unique in that they can do, and present, whatever it is a customer may require. They achieve the goals of the customer without compromise such as having to be shoehorned into a pre-designed template.

Custom sites generally start with the customers goal.
These could be Sales, Information Presentation, Marketing or customer interaction.

A Custom Website may seem like it could cost more than a Simple WordPress site or one of the Generic WYSIWYG site design platforms like Wix of SquareSpace. But after consideration of the benefits from a Custom Website, the Return On Investment (ROI) is generally greater with a Custom Website.

They may be more costly due to development costs over other solutions, but in many cases they are not. Especially when you consider the long term return on investment. This is due to portability (the ability to migrate data and content during updates and expansion/growth).

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