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Website Pricing

Website Pricing

Website Pricing can vary greatly based on functionality and effort needed to achieve a client’s goals.

We can create full applications that run a business from start to finish.

We can also create simple sites to get your business online and then build that into a larger site at a later date

Dedicated Server Advantage – Our Dedicated Server is better than putting your site on the Cloud or one of the other low cost hosting solutions. Cloud solutions are great for storing files and other non-critical elements due to the added levels of Security a Dedicated Server provides. Just think, Clouds and other Shared Hosting allows “anyone” to sign up and then gain access past the initial Firewalls and other Security Blocks. Half the BlackHats screening is bypassed.

Dedicated Servers are recommended by Security Professionals due to the level of control they provide.
Our Dedicated Server is Firewall Protected with OUR settings, not those determined in a Generic manner to allow the maximum number of clients access.
Our Dedicated Server is also fully backed up with spare parts and redundant hard drives storage technology to protect your site and data.