Getting a great design for your website or product can make all the difference in the world. The Internet has leveled the playing field in many instances. What sets your product or service apart from other companies is the Design. Whether a small business or large, the Design that your potential customers see, let’s them know if you’re professional or not. Design is not only an attractive logo but also the Design of a website’s functionality. Does the site complement the user’s experience by making it easy to achieve whatever goals the user has? All of this comes down to Design.

SGDesign Services cover Website Design, Print Design, and Marketing Campaigns (logo, print work including brochures and flyers).

Website Design
Creating a website that presents your company in it’s best light is key to your site’s success. We design websites based on your requirements. You’ll find many sites being shoehorned into a WordPress or similar framework. No problem if that is what you want. We can Design a WordPress site or build on your existing theme. We can program new features and create widgets or plugins if needed.

We can also create a website based solely on your needs. In many cases, a Custom Website may be far more efficient than one seemingly “off the shelf”.

Marketing Campaigns
Print work, SEO, Social Media…

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