We offer programming to meet your requirements when more than “off the shelf” website functionality is required.

Often we find website owners having to “shoehorn” their content into a theme or template that was designed for as many people as possible. This makes sense to a generic theme designer but it will not make your site unique.

Programming can add more functionality to your website. It can add features that you have thought up rather than following the same path as everyone else. Successful businesses rarely succeed because they followed their competition. Success if found in providing a product, service or experience that is unique.

We expect that you already have an idea of what programming you need so please contact us and provide details and we’ll reply with more specifics on how we can help.

We’ve created solutions for companies that have helped them run their company from the consumer interface to following projects through the production line using bar code scanners, to billing and accounting – automated to allow more focus on profits. We work with MySQL and MSSQL databases using PHP or .NET programming languages.

Other programming / coding disciplines we can work with include:

  • Javascript and jQuery
  • html
  • css

We can also create solutions that assist with your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This can be dynamic pages based on specific keywords. For instance, we can use a keyword in multiple instances re-purposing generic blocks of text. This can be helpful to cover large topics while you are generating more specific unique content.

Contact us to talk more about your requirements regarding Programming for your Website.

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