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Case Study: Improve Stock Photography

Remove Glasses

Add Business Card

Composite and Map in 3D
Environment for greater

Properly Light to
match scene


Visualization can be used to better understand and present “something” to help clarify a needed requirement. For instance, in the visual above we needed to modify a Stock Photograph to show business cards on a desktop. This could have been done with Photoshop but for the best accuracy, we used perspective mapping in a 3D environment to match the camera angle and sizing of a known object (the paper on the desk). Since we knew the size of the paper and the business card, we were able to 3D model the business cards into a very realistic rendering.

Do you need an image Photoshopped to remove imperfections?

Here’s another case where we 3D modeled a “page not found” element and then generated flames and smoke for an effective and interesting video.