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Case Study: Improve Stock Photography

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Remove Glasses

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Add Business Card

Composite and Map in 3D
Environment for greater

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Properly Light to
match scene

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Visualization can be used to better understand and present “something” to help clarify a needed requirement. For instance, in the visual above we needed to modify a Stock Photograph to show business cards on a desktop. This could have been done with Photoshop but for the best accuracy, we used perspective mapping in a 3D environment to match the camera angle and sizing of a known object (the paper on the desk). Since we knew the size of the paper and the business card, we were able to 3D model the business cards into a very realistic rendering.

Do you need an image Photoshopped to remove imperfections? Generally, this is a simple task. Send us over a copy of the image and we’ll let you know exactly what is needed to achieve your goal.

Here’s another case where we 3D modeled a “page not found” element and then generated flames and smoke for an effective and interesting video.

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