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Looking to get your own website?

Great! We’ve been at this for a long time and have a lot of experience with new website creation.

Let’s try to get you to the information you need in the least amount of time. What can we help with?

New Website

Do you have a domain name? You’ll want to secure a domain name that will work for your business or venture. GoDaddy or NameCheap are good Domain Registrars to work with.

Help with existing website

Webmasters are the ones that help with websites. We can help in both small and large ways depending on your requirement.


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Design – Key to your sites image. How you present your image to your Customer sets the tone of how they perceive you or your company within seconds of viewing your site.

Technology – Here’s where we need to start making critical decisions:

  • Do you plan on spending the time to post your own updates? OR do you want us to manage the Content on your site as well?
  • Do you plan on selling online?
  • Are you presenting your Company services that are not purchasable via the “Shopping Cart” model?

Function – Your new website can change with your company. It should be able to grow as you grow. Knowing initially what functionality your website needs will help lay the groundwork from which to build on. Technology will change, so we want to make sure your website is positioned to be able to adapt with the least amount of redesign possible.

Should we consider a WordPress site or a fully Custom site?

Sometimes what looks like the easy way is not the most efficient in the long run. WordPress and other CMS’s allow a quick path to an attractive website. You can pick a stylish theme, add content and have a nice looking site in a reasonable time. Where problems come in is when you want your site to do something different. Granted, we have the means to be able to work on the Programming level and make changes to WordPress sites when many other companies cannot. But, when working on WordPress we have to deal with thousands of lines of code created not for your site, but for a generic experience that will work on many other sites. Various conflicts in code, tracing clashes with similar Functions and Events all slow future development.[learn_more caption=”Blog post – WordPress”] WordPress – When is it appropriate for a website?

WordPress is a great tool if used in the proper instance. But it’s also provided an easy way for web designers with few skills to present themselves as accomplished designers and Webmaster’s when this really is not the case. As a test to find how beneficial WordPress can be, we redesigned our website using WordPress and have charted the benefits and detriments of this path.  Read more on this subject here.

If you opt for a Custom Website, we only have code that is specific to your needs. Additions are simpler since there are no generic blocks we have to deal with. This does not mean we don’t use Frameworks like Bootstrap or jQuery to make your site’s development faster and have cool features, it just means we need to balance the technology and functionality to make your investment as efficient as possible.

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