Reasons to consider SGDesign:

Years in Business

Established as a web content provider in October 1994, SGDesign has the experience and skills necessary to make your website stand out from the crowd. Whether a professional conservative look is best for your company or a more radical appeal is required, we have the skills to achieve your goals. Astute design skills as well as closely following the continuous technological changes of the web, allow us to create sites that achieve our clients goals.

Graphic Advantage

SGD Advantage

Graphics are a major portion of your sites design. Fast loading and concise to your needs are minimum requirements. We possess the illustrative skills to make your site come alive. Steve Guluk – Principal of SGDesign is an accomplished illustrator and fine artist. With original paintings and limited edition prints being sold in galleries in the So Cal area. All our graphics and animations are original and created “in-house”. The obvious advantage being; that we remove the limitations on your site’s design. We can also generate images and videos in 3D which works well for many aspects such as product rendering.

Programming Advantage

SGD Advantage

Our programmers are seasoned pros that have the experience to assure your project works as needed.

Hosting Advantage

SGD Advantage

We host websites on our dedicated servers, located at Rackspace because they offer the best support in the industry. We do not allow other developers on our servers, sorry, but we need to control the environment that our customers experience. This is the difference in our hosting. Other companies take the least costly route and put you on a server with thousands of others, but if one of their customers uploads a page that is not coded properly it could effect everyone. The only way to protect yourself from the effects of others is to have your own Dedicated Server or use our Dedicated Shared hosting which protects against nefarious intruders.

Future Growth

We invest in the future. New technologies are constantly being evaluated to see if they fit for our clients needs. Knowledge, as well as balance, are key to success in the ever changing world.


We have many customers that have been with us for years. The reason is that we work hard to provide services that meet the requirements of our customers and help them achieve their goals. Your success is our success. Working as a team is the best method to achieve the goals needed for your company’s success.

Please give us a call at (949) 371-9202 to discuss your goals and allow us to further explain how we can help you achieve your goals.

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