Meditation is well known for promoting health and inner peace. Anyone can learn to meditate. Over time you will notice greater benefits and find it is easier to get to your calm state.

Meditation 1

There are many ways to learn to meditate. Guided Meditations are a great way to learn as they require your focus by having you follow a calm voice that guides you through breathing and focus. After you have meditated a few times and found how calm you can be, you can choose to establish your own methods to attain a calm state.

I’ll outline one method I have used successfully to achieve a comfortable state of being calm, peaceful and able to refocus on achieving goals.

  • Find a quiet comfortable place. Sitting in the sun is awesome. You don’t want to be uncomfortable or around other distractions.
  • Sit as shown in the picture above (Lotus pos). Press your middle fingertip to your thumb tip. Consistency in your position allows your motor memory to quickly understand what you are doing, how you usually feel doing this and removes another chance if losing your focus.
  • Let everything go as far as your thoughts. Inhale and focus on taking in a clean health-filled breath. Fill your lungs fully, pause for a second, and allow the air to leave your lungs. Pause again on full exhale and count in your mind; “1”. Continue by taking your next breath, count “2”…continue to at least 50.
  • As you breathe, you’ll have your mind presenting its usual thoughts. The key is not fighting your thoughts but allowing them in but let them pass. You don’t want to let your thoughts start an inner dialog. The goal is to not fixate on thoughts but also don’t get too frustrated if your not able to let them pass as easily as you would expect. Keep your focus on your breath.
  • Breath in, out and continue your count…
  • Focus on your breath. Focus on feeling the air travel through your nose and into your lungs. This effectively makes you focused on the present which is a key part of meditation.

Managing your thoughts will be the greatest hurdle as we usually don’t try to suppress our inner dialog.

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