SaaS – Software as a Service.

It’s been around as a term for quite some time. Will 2010 be the year it becomes common place? Adobe has the Scene 7 project and we’ve been contracted to integrate this system into a web application we have created over the past year.

We also have an on going project (RTK – Retailer Tool Kit) that is similar to SaaS. It allows backend development and expansion for all Members since the the primary code is shared. Members get continued benefits at a lower price point while the development is more focused as it needs only be released to one location rather than many.

Microsoft is also moving to a similar means of software purchase. You can buy a program outright or sign up for Software Assurance which while you are subscribed you get upgrades as part of the Service.

It will be interesting if people find merit in leasing their software. And as many companies release different takes on the idea it will be interesting to see which take hold and which methods of deployment and marketing are cast aside.

2010 will be another exciting year in the internet business world.

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